Handicap System (online)

For associations, clubs, leagues, or any size group.
Handicap any number of golfers.

Handicap System is simple


You don't need to be a computer
guru, it's just that easy.

Handicap System is online


Access to your golf organization
any where, any time, any device.

Handicap System is automated


Instant golfer access, automatic
handicapping, and more...

Millions of scores posted, and counting...

Get Golf Handicap Anytime Online

See handicaps now

Golfers don't have to wait for an administrator to publish reports to the web or display printouts at the club house. Golfers simply go online to view handicaps, scores and other information. They can even print out their own handicap card and post scores online. Both desktop and mobile access puts information at their fingertips.

Share the Workload

Divvy up the workload

Multiple administrator capability means that several administrators can share duties to lighten the load. Administrators can access the system from any computer, tablet or smart phone. Share duties any way you like.

Handicap Calculation Schedule

"Set & forget"

Handicap System can automatically calculate on a set schedule, so you don't have to. Set it to calculate on the 1st and 15th (USGA), after each score is posted (RCGA), on a weekly basis, or any other way you wish. You can always click the "Calculate Now" button as well.

Any Device

Pick your screen or app

Device compatibility means that both golfers and administrators can log in using any device: Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, iPads, and smart phones. This gives convenient "any time / any where access" with the device of your choice.

Stay in touch

Stay in touch

The built-in communication tools mean that administrators have multiple ways to keep golfers informed. Email one, some, or all of the membership. Plus, administrators and players have access to a message board which allows community discussions.

Easy Entry

Easy Entry

Touch screen kiosk for the club house. Let golfers post their own scores. Designed for those unfamiliar with computers.


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