Handicap System
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Handicap System online
Complete details
Complete details

Feature Online Edition Desktop Edition
Access Access from any device - PC, Mac, phone, pad, and tablets Install on one computer running Windows
App Apple and Android app for phones, pads, and tablets None
Administrators Many One
Data entry Many administrators and golfers can input scores and other data One administrator inputs scores and other data
Website Yes No
Courses Global course library (25,000+) Courses maintained by administrator
Data Storage Data stored on internet

Data is automatically protected from loss.
Data stored on local harddrive

You are responsible for data backups in case of a harddrive failure.
Program status Development mode

We are actively adding new features and enhancement requests to the online edition.
Maintenance mode

We continue to maintain the desktop edition but are no longer adding new features.
Help and coaching Unlimited One year
Help can be extended.
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Feature Online Edition Desktop Edition