Steps to Run a Tournament
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Steps to run a tournament

The following steps assume that you have already created a new tournament.

  1. Set up tournament Settings for active tournament
    1b.  Define active tournament's Website / App settings

     Update iCap/Index  to roster and to tournament

  2. Sign up players (move players from a Roster to active tournament)
  3. Manage pre-play tasks: pairings, flights, tee times, start holes, emails, etc.
  4. Produce pre-play reports: registration sheet, directory of participants, scorecards, team pairing sheet, cart signs

     Play golf  

  5. Manage post-play tasks: post scores, handicapping the unhandicapped, etc.
  6. Produce post-play reports for competition results
    6b. Real-time results

The above steps are mostly accessed via the Main Menu shown below. The steps correspond to the items under the Tournament section.