Tournament Settings
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Load the tournament for which you want to establish Settings. There are four tabs on the Tournament Settings page. Determine each setting on each tab for your tournament.

Select tournament for which to establish settings

  1. Hover over or tap the logo in the upper left of your screen. Click on the Tournaments link in the Organization section.

  2. Click on the Load Tournament link for the tournament for which you want to establish settings.

  3. Hover over or tap the logo in the upper left of your screen. Click on the Settings link in the Tournament section.

  4. Remember to Save your Settings when you are finished.

Tournament Settings tab

Numbers correspond to those on the Tournament Settings tab image below.

  1. Tournament Manager rounds are either 18 or 9 holes.

  1. Number of rounds
    You can have anywhere from one to five rounds in a tournament. Each round can be played on a different golf course if needed.

  2. Players per team (playing group)
    If you let Tournament Manager automatically build teams, then each team may have from 1 to 8 players. If you manually build teams, each team can have any number of players.

  3. Number of teams (playing groups)
    You can have from 1 to 200 teams in a tournament. Max of 400 players in a tournament. If your tournament spans across multiple courses you can create a tournament for each course that will be played. In essence TM is then limited to 400 players per golf course.

  4. Number of flights
    You can have up to 26 flights. Flights are usually used to represent different handicap ranges. However you can use flights to represent anything. Tournament Manager can calculate these ranges for you, or you can enter ranges manually. You can also use flights to show standings within each flight or build flighted teams.

  5. Default "team name"
    You may not be playing in teams. In that case you can select one of the other options or create your own (options: Group#, players last names, Foursome#, Threesome#, Twosome#)

  6. Number of tees men will play
    Set the number of different tees men and ladies will play. If you have men playing White, Blue and Black, that is three sets of tees. Each gender can play up to 5 different sets of tees. If you have only one gender playing, set the other gender to zero.

  7. Number of tees ladies will play
    Same as Item 7 above.

  8. Date
    Type in the date of your tournament. If you are running a multi-round tournament you can set a different date for each round.

  9. Course
    You must specify a course\tees for Tournament Manager to function properly. Tournament Manager uses the pars, hole handicaps, ratings, and slopes to print scorecards and calculate tournament results.   

  1. Tee Group #-Men
    Tee Groups allow you to assign different tees, allowances, and adjustments to different groups of players. The number of tee groups is set by setting the Number of tees men will play and the Number of tees women will play.

    Example: If you are having a tournament with men, women, and senior may want the men to play the blue tees, women to play the red, and senior men to play the white.  You would set the Number of tees men will play to 2 and the Number of tees the ladies will play to 1. Tee Group #1-Men would be set to Blue, Tee Group #1-Ladies would be set to Red, and Tee Group #2-Men would be set to White.

  2. Handicap percent allowance
    Handicaps can be adjusted if desired.
    The formula is:

    Player’s Tournament Handicap  =  Handicap  X  Percent Allowance

    Type the % of the adjustment. If you do not want an adjustment, type 100% for each allowance. USGA recommends the following allowances for different tournament formats.

  3. Adjust all player’s handicaps by:
    You can adjust all player’s handicaps in a particular Tee Group by any value (positive or negative).  “0” would mean no adjustment is made to handicaps. 

    This is an excerpt from the USGA Handicap manual explaining why you may wish to make an adjustment to handicaps.

    "Different tees usually have different Course Ratings.  Since Course Ratings reflect the probable scores of  scratch golfers, the higher-rated course is more difficult, and the player playing from the set of tees with the higher Course Rating  receives additional strokes equal to the difference between the Course Ratings, with .5 or greater rounded upward.

    Example: If women playing from the forward tees from which the women's Course Rating is 73.5 compete against men playing from the middle tees from which the men's Course Rating is 70.9, the women will add three strokes (73.5 - 70.9 = 2.6 rounded to 3 strokes) to their Course Handicaps."

    See Section 3-5 of USGA Manual for more information online at See an example adjustment in Tournament Manager.

  4. 15., and 16. See Items 11, 12 and 13.

Tournament Settings tab:

Handicap tab

  1. Display tournament handicaps to 2 decimal places
    Check this option if you want handicaps or point quotas displayed to 2 decimal places. Tournament Manager will also calculate “net” (net = gross – handicap) and quota results (results = points won – quota) to 2 decimal places. Some organizations like to break ties to one or two decimal places.  If this is the case with your organization, mark this option.

    Note: Tournament Manager can also break ties using USGA tie break system and other methods.

  2. Men's Max allowed tournament handicap

  3. Ladies' Max allowed tournament handicap

  4. For team handicap use...
    If you are running a “net” scramble, indicate how the team handicap is calculated here.

  5. World Handicap System (WHS)
    Follows WHS method for Course Handicap calculation and Equitable Stroke Control to net double bogey.

  6. Course Handicap decimal places
    European and other golf groups can use this option, if they want the gross handicap calculated to decimal places prior to applying percent allowance.

Handicap tab:

Stableford Points tab

If you are running a points tournament (“Stableford”) or quota points tournament, type in the point values you wish to award for par, birdie, eagle, etc.

Tip: The values assigned here are only relevant when you print out a report that shows point standings.

For Point Quota use

If you are running a Point Quota tournament, indicate how you want TM to produce the point quota.

Point Quota = 'X – Player’s Handicap'  Use this option to calculate a point quota from the player’s handicap. A standard formula to produce a point quota from a handicap is (Point Quota = 36 – handicap).

Point Quota = 'Player’s Handicap'  Mark this to indicate that the point quota is simply the player’s handicap. This option is provided if you are using a player’s handicap to represent his\her point quota.

Tip: On the Step 3. Manage under Tournament, you can load the Point Quota view to show Point Quotas instead of handicaps on your main viewing screen.

Stableford Points tab:

Logos & Images tab

Upload logos & watermarks for your scorecards & cart signs.

Note: Tournament Settings can be changed at any time.