Update Handicaps for Players Already in Tournament
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There are two places that you can update golfer handicaps:

  1. You can update iCap/Index in a roster. Note: this does not update the iCap/Index for players already signed up for a tournament.
  2. You can update iCap/Index for players already signed up to a tournament. The topic here is about this second update of player iCaps/Index

You must do both of these steps to make sure that participants in a tournament are playing with their most up-to-date iCap/Index. These are steps that you want to do as close to the tournament date as possible...not a month or weeks before. You want players to play with their most up-to-date handicaps.

Update tournament participants' iCap/Index

  1. Hover over or tap the logo in the upper left of your screen. Click on the Signup link under Tournament section.

  2. Click button labeled, "Update players' 'Tournament defaults' to tournament" in the upper right of Tournament Manager screen.

  3. Select the "Tournament defaults" items to copy by placing a check mark in the box. Make sure there is a check mark for "Index \ Quota".

  4. Click the button labeled, "Update items checked below."

  5. You will be taken back to the Signup page.