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Calculate golf handicaps for your golf club, association, or organization. Manage golf handicaps for any number of players. Powerful and easy to use. Makes golf handicapping a cinch!


  Handicap System Desktop Edition


        50 Players per roster: $97

        100 Players per roster: $147

        Unlimited Players per roster: $197



Providing a golf handicap for your group allows you to establish a baseline for competitions and tournaments. A handicap is essential for anyone playing on a regular basis. Many people brag about their golf handicaps and how they're a scratch golfer or that their handicap is steadily going down. Seems strange that their golf handicaps suddenly go higher as tournament time approaches. Using Handicap System will help you prevent sandbagging and manage each golfer's handicap more effectively.


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Handicap System Overview


Handicap System by GolfSoftware.com

Handicap System is powerful and flexible golf handicap software that lets you calculate handicaps for your organization. Handicap System provides an easy-to-use spreadsheet-style interface and full screen input with pull down menus (just like filling out a form!). Macro/speed keys allow for the fastest possible data input (press one key to enter a new score). Handicap System also provides fast selection and sorting - sort your roster in any fashion. Handicap System can handle from 1 to 999,999 golfers per roster. And Handicap System supports an unlimited number of rosters (you can build separate rosters for men, women, different organizations, etc.). Most important, Handicap System is easy to use! Computer novice is assumed. You'll be up and running in 15 minutes. 


Sample Screenshots (Click for larger image)

golf handicap software screenshot calculating golf handicaps golf handicap software screenshot calculating golf handicaps
Handicap System's roster Calculate and display handicaps Club handicaps Individual handicap history


Maintain Handicap Information

  • Complete membership information (name, index, handicap, addresses, phone numbers, email, ID#, group, flight, dues, birthday, etc.) plus customizable fields for each golfer. Name these fields anything you wish to track anything you want. You can even track any number of notes for a golfer.
  • Stores any number of outings for each golfer - including play dates, courses played, tees, holes, and scores. If you choose to enter scores hole-by-hole, this info is saved for later review. hole-by-hole entry looks just like a score card.
  • Add, drop, or update golfers and scoring information at any time.
  • Multiple rosters (Separate by sex, flight, age, etc.).
  • Any number of courses can be tracked. Maintains course names, addresses, tees, ratings, slopes, yards, pars, and more. Add a new course anytime. You can have any number of tees per course. Tee names/colors can also be customized by you.
  • Tracks number of scores since season start and last handicap revision. 


Calculate Handicaps

  • USGA golf handicap formula. Includes current Equitable Stroke Control and Exceptional Tournament Performance implementation. Uses the exact USGA nomenclature. Note: Only organizations in accordance with the provisions set forth in the USGA Handicap System(tm) manual are permitted to calculate USGA Handicap Indexes(R). See www.usga.org for more details.
  • Software can also "emulate" (not certified) Royal Canadian Golf Association handicapping rules for our Canadian users.

  • Calculates index and course handicaps. Converts index to course handicap for any golf course and tee.
  • Flexible CUSTOM HANDICAPS (Setup your own handicapping parameters) Option for calculating golf handicaps to one or two decimal places. Use custom handicaps for intra-club or league play.
  • Change calculation modes at any time!
  • 18 or 9 hole handicapping
  • Option to combine 9 hole scores to produce an 18 hole score. When you combine two 9 hole scores to form an 18 hole score, the program lets you select nine hole courses. No need to memorize rating and slopes, or retype these each time.
  • Optional hole-by-hole entry with Equitable Stroke Control (ESC). Just like filling out a scorecard.
  • Option to set a "hard" revision date. Only scores prior to the revision date will be used for handicaps. If you post scores after the revision date they will NOT change the golfer's handicap.
  • Option to calculate a "history" handicap. A "history" handicap lets you compare one handicap to another. 


View and Print a Wide Range of Reports

  • Many types of Roster Reports and Detailed Individual Reports
  • Handicap Labels, Cards, and Sheets (Many styles and sizes). Label and card sizes can be easily adjusted.
  • "USGA" handicap card - Fits a standard size club card.
  • Custom Handicap Directory Reports (2 or 3 columns)
  • Posting sheets - for posting scores. (Several styles)
  • Course Detail and Course by Tee Reports - course name, address, tees, slope, rating, par, yards, hole handicap, etc.
  • Membership dues report, most improved golfer report, directories, mailing labels, and many more!
  • Plus you can also create your own CUSTOM reports! Display any item, in any column, sorted in any fashion. Any number of report layouts can be created and saved for later use.
  • Reports can be customized to extract only the information you need. Reports can be sorted in any order. Select golfers to print by any criteria. The layout of each report is controlled by you -- Margins, page length, page width, report header, report title, report date, double space, etc. Reports can be printed in any size font or style. Print reports in portrait or landscape mode.
  • The Handicap and mailing labels have a perfect alignment option, so the labels print perfectly each time.
  • Handicap System lets you see exactly how your report will appear on paper. Preview reports on the screen, move back and forth between pages. Reports can be PRINTED to your printer, SAVED to disk, or EXPORTED to other programs. You can also edit reports or add comments at any time.
  • SAVE to disk, in case you ever need to load a report into your word processor or send through E-mail.
  • EXPORT into HTML file format or directly to Microsoft Excel's native format. HTML is the universal format for viewing on the web or transferring reports and data from one program to another. This means you can view/import into any program that supports HTML without losing any formatting.
  • Pass reports to others. As long as they have a web browser, MS Word, MS Excel, or any program that reads HTML, they can view the report.  

Integrated "Internet Email"

Internet Email lets you email one, many, or all your golfers with just a few clicks.
  • Templates. Internet Email automatically saves emails as templates for future use. No need to retype emails over and over again.
  • Form Letter Emails. You can build form letter emails, which automatically fill in personal data for each golfer in the mass email.


Other Features

  • Full screen input - just like filling out a form!
  • Option to display new scores, season scores, total scores, and groups on the view for quick reference.
  • Backup/Restore utility to transfer data to other computers.
  • Option to export data (golfers and scores) to any program.
  • Enter scores hole-by-hole or totals only.
  • Capability to mask out men and/or women. Allows quick viewing and printing for mixed rosters.
  • Saves data automatically. Automatically loads the last roster you were working with.
  • Type ID# to move directly to a golfer. This lets you use the numeric pad exclusively for quick data entry.
  • Sample roster helps new users learn to use the program fast, with full online help.
  • Integrates with the Tournament Manager and League Manager.
  • Plus much more! If you don't think Handicap System will work for your organization, give us a call.


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