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Planning a golf competition? Run any number of tournaments with Golf Software's Tournament Manager. Mark participating golfers, build teams, and print pairings/score cards. Post score cards, and in seconds you'll have tournament results.


  Tournament Manager


        50 Players per tournament: $97

        100 Players per tournament: $147

        Unlimited Players per tournament: $197

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Tournament Manager Overview


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If your club runs golf tournaments (18 or 9 hole), this golf tournament software is for you. Tournament Manager is packed full of features. It handles individual or team tournaments. Any number of golfers per team, up to 200 teams, up to 26 flights, 1 to 5 days, and no limit for the number of tournaments you can run. And you're not locked into any specific format. Almost any individual or team tournament format can be run. Plus, the tournament software is easy to use. Five steps are required to run your tournament:


  1. Set the tournament parameters.
  2. Mark participating golfers in the sign up sheet.
  3. Build the teams and print score cards or pairing sheets (optional).
  4. Play golf!
  5. Post score cards and print tournament results (optional).

Tournament Manager was developed for tournament managers who are tired of pairing teams, marking score cards, and calculating results by hand. The tournament software automates the entire process. Most importantly, Tournament Manager is easy to use! Computer novice is assumed. You'll be up and running in 15 minutes. Makes planning a golf tournament easy!

Sample membership roster Sample tournament sheet Sample tournament sheet Sample scorecard
Sample membership roster Sample tournament sheet Sample tournament sheet Sample scorecard


Maintain Tournament Information

  • Complete membership info (name, address, phones, dues, etc.)
  • Individual and/or team tournaments
  • Any number of tournaments can be run simultaneously
  • Teams of two to eight
  • Up to 26 flights (A to Z) allowed
  • Tracks any number of golfers
  • Run tournaments up to 5-rounds
  • 18 or 9 hole courses supported
  • Any number of tees can be played simultaneously
  • Play on any number of courses
  • No limit to the number of golfers in a roster
  • Tee times (Shotgun or regular start)
  • Any number of separate rosters per organization
  • Record each golfer's score card - hole-by-hole or totals only
  • Option to track putts, fairways, greens, earnings, points, etc.
  • Special "Guest Roster" for non members
  • Allows for multiple sorts on any item
  • View or edit past tournaments at any time
  • Add, drop, or update golfer's information at any time
  • Quickly select/change golfers in a tournament


Build Teams

The heart of Tournament Manager, is its ability to build teams....Teams can be built manually or automatically. Tournament Manager builds any number of golfers per team - 2-somes, 3-somes, 4-somes, 5-somes, 6-somes, 7-somes, and 8-somes


  • Many pairing options! The tournament software can consider one, many, or all of the following parameters when building x-somes: Handicaps, Flights, Groups, Gender, Cart/Walk, and/or Preferred tee time. Select the appropriate pairing options and watch Tournament Manager go. For example, you could make Tournament Manager build simple foursomes requiring an A,B,C,D golfer in each could make Tournament Manager build a complex 2 men, 2 women in each foursome, each from a different club (group), pure with respect to walk/ride, considering each golfer's preferred tee time, trying to balance each foursome A,B,C,D - while trying to maintain equal team handicaps - while making sure that each successive event each golfer does not have the same partners. It would take days to do manually. Tournament Manager does it in a matter of seconds.
  • Up to 9 grouping fields available. Use the group field to make Tournament Manager handle complex pairings. Example: Assume you're running a tournament with 100 golfers. 25 are professionals and the other 75 amateurs. You want to calculate 25 equal foursomes with one professional per foursome and the remaining three amateurs. Place all professionals in group 1, and all amateurs in group 2. Then mark "Balance Groups" and calculate pairings. This golf tournament software will assure that one professional appears in each foursome....while maintaining any other options you set.
  • Tournament Manager can build x-somes considering gender, cart/walk preference, and preferred tee times. This golf tournament software even has an option to automatically avoid pairing husbands and wives together.
  • Many calculation modes:

    Equal x-somes: Calculates x-somes with total group handicaps as close as possible for each x-some.

    Balanced x-somes: Calculates x-somes with a balanced number of flights in each x-some. For example, a balanced foursome would produce an A,B,C,D in each foursome, while trying to maintain equal team handicaps.

    Flighted x-somes: Calculates x-somes with the same flight in each x-some. For example, a flighted foursome would try to produce an A,A,A,A in each foursome while trying to maintain equal teams. The next set of foursomes would be B,B,B,B, etc.

    Mixed Flighted x-somes: Calculates x-somes with the mixed flights in each x-some. For example, a mixed foursome would try to produce an A,A,C,C in each foursome and B,B,D,D in each foursome. Or A,A,B,B and C,C,D,D, etc...

    Play with all: Calculates x-somes, making sure each golfer plays with a different set of golfers for each successive event. Tournament Manager calculates up to 24 events, or until each golfer has played with every other golfer. For example, if you had a group of 20 golfers that you wanted to pair into twosomes, Tournament Manager will calculate 19 events in which every golfer plays with every other golfer.

    Random Pairings: Calculates completely random x-somes, without regard to any criteria (handicaps, flights, gender, carts, etc.) See our free golf pairings generator.

  • Each successive trial assures the same golfers do not play together! No repeats is guaranteed.
  • Powerful manual pairing options. Allows you to lock any number of golfers on the same team. This allows you to manually build some teams (or parts of teams) and lets Tournament Manager automatically pair the rest.
Sample tournament sheet Sample pairing sheet Sample pairing sheet
Sample tournament sheet Sample pairing sheet Sample pairing report


Tournament Manager Calculates

  • Flight golfers and teams automatically or manually. Up to 26 flights. Flight by any item you track, including index, handicap, scores, points, golfer's age, etc.
  • Assigns tee times. Shot gun or regular start.
  • Option to adjust handicaps for play from different tees.
  • Calculates pars, birdies, eagles, skins, deuces, etc.
  • Tournament handicaps calculated automatically. Handicap allowances can be adjusted by any amount.
  • Unlimited number of Tournament formats:
    • Aggregate of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
    • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Best ball
    • Combination Gross and Net Ball
    • Best Ball Waltz
    • Colored Ball
    • Low Ball and High Ball
    • Best Ball Mix
    • Pros Ball and Amateurs Best Ball
    • Odd holes, Even holes, etc.
    • Scrambles, individual, flighted, mixed tournaments
    • Points (Par-Bogey, Stableford, Custom...etc.)
    • Stableford Tournaments (Any point setup allowed)
    • Quota Point Tournaments
    • Stroke Play (best 18 holes, best front, best back, etc.).
    • Match Play (against par)
    • Individual Match Play (players can have any number of simultaneous matches)
    • Team Match Play (any number of matches)
    • Net or gross tournaments
  • Team and/or Individual Standings
  • Customize standing reports to show practically any type of standings you can imagine.
  • Break ties using USGA method, by handicap hole, sequential holes, and/or fractional handicaps
  • "Callaway" style handicapping. Handicap off one round using USGA Scheid, Peoria, and System 36 handicapping.


View and Print a Wide Range of Reports

  • Registration sheets, Sign Up sheets, Roster/Directory reports, Team sheets/labels, Cart Signs, etc.
  • Score Cards reports. Many options allow you to customize the information you want to appear on each card.
  • Team results. Dozens of preset reports allow you to summarize tournament results. Hole-by-hole or totals. Team standings may be flighted.
  • Individual results - track individual standings, including pars, birdies, eagles, etc. Individual standings may be flighted.
  • Skins, Deuces, Course Results, Directories, Mailing Labels plus many more!
  • Can't find a standard report that meets your needs? The custom report builder lets you build practically any type of individual and team results report. The number of types of reports you can build is infinite.
  • All tournament reports can be customized to fit your exact needs.
  • Option to print handicap or points on all reports.
  • Reports can be sent to the printer, screen (preview), file, or exported to your website.
  • An editor allows you to edit any report before printing. Reports can be altered, saved, printed, and retrieved later.
Sample team results Sample individual results report Sample skins report Sample team results report
Sample team results Sample individual results report Sample skins report Sample team results report


Integrated "Internet Email"

Internet Email lets you email one, many, or all your golfers with just a few clicks.
  • Templates. Internet Email automatically saves emails as templates for future use. No need to retype emails over and over again.
  • Form Letter Emails. You can build form letter emails, which automatically fill in personal data for each golfer in the mass email.


Other Features

  • Full screen input (just like filling out a form!).
  • Backup/Restore utility to transfer data to other computers.
  • Enter score cards hole-by-hole or totals only.
  • Saves data automatically. Automatically loads the last tournament you were working with.
  • Type ID# to move directly to a golfer. This lets you use the numeric pad exclusively.
  • No need to remember file names or navigate through countless folders. Retrieve rosters and tournaments from a simple list.
  • Integrates with our Handicap System and League Manager. Retrieves golfers and handicaps automatically.
  • Plus much more! Call or email if you have questions.
  • To see what's new in the latest release click here.

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Tournament Manager runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP or Mac with Windows emulation software.


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  • Free help videos. Program comes with dozens of "how to" videos. It's the easiest way to see and hear how to do something.


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If you haven't yet seen the video demo of Tournament Manager, click to view tournament software now. You'll find this is the best tournament management program out today. I guarantee it! Try it. Compare it to the competition. I'm positive you'll be delighted. If not, send it back and we'll refund the entire purchase price. We have a lifetime money back guarantee.

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