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League Manager is the fastest, easiest way to run your golf league.

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Easy to use, fast data entry, and flexible league management capabilities all in one package.

League Manager - The Fastest, Easiest Way to Run Your Golf League.

If you want the easiest, most flexible golf league software available, this is it. We have been delivering superior quality golf software since 1988. That's 30 years of service to golf groups. Your golf league is important to us!  League Manager is designed to streamline your golf league management and administration. Golf league secretaries and coordinators around the world are using this software in every continent but Antarctica, and we're still looking for the group who wants to play there...


  League Manager


        40 Players per league: $97

        100 Players per league: $147

        Unlimited Players per league: $197

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LM101: How Best to Run a Golf League
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We have served more than 20,500 golf groups. They have great things to say ... check out some testimonials here. We wouldn't be in business without so many happy customers. We make the best golf league software available. And it couldn't be easier to try it today. Purchase League Manager with no risk. If you don't like it for any reason - ever - return it for a full refund. We have an unlimited money-back guarantee on all software products. Buy League Manager and use it for as long as you like without paying again. (An annual fee applies only if you wish to continue using the optional services again next year.)


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League Manager Overview


League Manager by GolfSoftware.com

If you run a golf league, this is the program for you! League Manager supports any type or size league. Nine or eighteen hole leagues, individual or team leagues, (1 to 12 players per team), up to 100 teams, and up to 50 events for the season. Plus it can handle any number of leagues. The program pairs your golfers, builds the season schedule, calculates handicaps and points, and provides a wide range of reports to show standings, league results, and statistics. League Manager is extremely flexible - handicap and point calculation parameters can be customized to work the way your league plays.


Sample Screenshots

League Manager League Manager League Manager League Manager
Sample league screen Sample skins report Sample schedule Sample scorecard
League Manager League Manager
Sample individual results report Sample individual results report


Maintain League Information

  • Complete golfer/team information (name, handicap, flight, scores, points, address, email, phone, ranking, etc.)
  • Any number of leagues/rosters can be created. Each league can have up to 6 divisions. A must for big leagues. Divisions can be "football" type divisions (inter-divisional play) or "baseball" type divisions (no inter-divisional play).
  • Allows play from any number of courses and tees! Your league can play on any number of courses/tees in each event.
  • Up to 100 "real" substitutes per league. Plus additional "ghost" substitutes can be used to handle any situation. League Manager is so flexible a golfer from one team can even substitute for a golfer on another team.
  • Stores all itemized information for each event. Past events can be reviewed and changed at any time.
  • Mixed (men/ladies) leagues are supported. League Manager automatically takes into account the difference in tees.
  • Option to track putts, greens, fairways, earnings, prize money, or ANY info your leagues need to track.


Calculate League Statistics


  • Set up your own handicapping system (any formula is possible), or use the USGA style system. No need to change how your league handicaps golfers. League Manager is flexible enough to calculate handicaps the way your league does now.
  • Handicaps can be calculated to whole or decimal numbers.
  • Option to "LOCK" a handicap. If for some reason you want a golfer to have a different handicap than the auto calculation would give him/her, you can type in any handicap and LOCK it for that event.
  • Option to round or truncate handicaps. Example: (7.90 rounds to 8), (7.90 truncates to 7)
  • Setup your own hole reduction system to calculate Adjusted Gross Scores. Set a maximum score allowed on par 3s, 4s and 5s. Or you can use the USGA ESC (Equitable Stroke Control), or no stroke control. There is also an option to use the OLD USGA ESC (Pre-1993 Equitable Stroke Control). If your league still prefers the old ESC to the new ESC, the option is there.


  • Option to enter scorecards. League Manager automatically calculates points, gross, net, adjusted gross, handicap, par, birdies, etc.
  • Scorecards can be entered hole-by-hole or totals only.
  • Set up your own system for calculating points. League Manager automatically awards points -- hole-by-hole, Medal, Match, Best Ball, Stableford, Ranking, Cross Match, Aggregate, etc. Any formula and combination of these is possible!
  • Calculates total points, bogeys, pars, birdies, eagles, putts, low net, low gross, high points, best hole, skins, ringers, etc.
  • Tracks totals, averages, lows and highs on any statistic you wish to track.
  • Calculates total team points for the season. Breaks down regular, substitute, team, adjusted, and dropped points.
  • Allows you to drop high or low score(s).
  • Golfers may play: player versus player, team vs. team, against the field, against the course, or any combination of these.
  • Any points a substitute wins can be awarded to the sub him/herself, or the golfer he/she is subbing for.
  • Option to override points. If you have a special circumstance where you need to alter the amount of points a golfer or team receives for a certain event, you can override the points awarded at any time.


  • Automatically builds the season schedule. Pairs teams and golfers for each event. Option to customize league schedule. Options to manually pair teams and golfers. Also handles position nights, tournaments, rainouts, etc. See our free golf pairings generator.
  • The schedule sets the courses to be played for the entire season automatically. Option to manually set courses.
  • Optional tee times or shot-gun start. Scheduling assures each team has a different tee-time or start hole each week. Option to display tee times/start holes on scorecards and other relevant reports.
  • Course rotation option. For leagues that play front/back each week, scheduling gives best front/back rotation possible.
  • Cross pairing option. League Manager can automatically pair golfers across flights. For example, many leagues play A vs. A, B vs. B, etc. when two teams are matched to play. The second time the two teams are matched, League Manager can automatically pair the golfers A vs. B, B vs. A, etc. This works for 2 to 12 person teams.
  • Pair opposing teams as twosomes, foursomes, sixsomes, or even eightsomes.
  • Automatically flights players by handicap or points won.
  • League Manager allows for any number of split seasons (1st half winner, 2nd half winner, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th quarter winner, etc.)


View and Print a Wide Range of Reports

  • Many types of Roster Reports, Individual Reports, Team Reports, and Custom Reports
  • Score Cards - Print a scorecard for each team or match. Two card styles available. Shows course, team, and golfer information. Handicap and strokes are marked on each hole. Print on pre-printed scorecards or blank paper.
  • Team Pairing - Matches competing teams and golfers.
  • Event Results - Team/golfer's scores, points, handicap, standings, and many more stats. Five report styles available.
  • Golfer's Rank/Honors - Best scores, points, pars, birdies, putts, etc. - for event, season, or average.
  • Skins Report - (Both gross or net, individual or team)
  • Ringer Report - Takes the best score on each hole for the season and builds a golfer's best possible round. Golfers love this report, it makes them look like a pro. Both gross or net.
  • Golfer's Itemized Information - All golfer's information, with each event itemized.
  • Course Results - Interesting statistics about each course your league plays.
  • Golfer Roster - League directory, checklist, directory with addresses.
  • League Schedule - Team/golfer pairings for the season.
  • Address labels for laser or inkjet printers.
  • Plus you can also create your own custom reports! Display any item, in any column, sorted in any fashion. Any number of report layouts can be created and saved for later use.
  • Reports can be customized to extract only the information you need. The layout of each report is controlled by you -- Margins, page length, page width, report header, report title, report date, double space, and more. Reports can be printed in any size font or style. Print reports in portrait or landscape mode.
  • League Manager lets you see exactly how your report will appear on paper. Preview reports on the screen. Reports can be printed to your printer, saved to disk, or exported to other programs. A built-in editor lets you edit reports or add comments at any time.
  • Export into HTML file format or directly to Microsoft Excel's native format. HTML is the universal format for viewing on the web or transferring reports and data from one program to another. This means you can view/import into any program that supports HTML without losing any formatting.
  • Pass reports to other league members. As long as they have a web browser, MS Word, MS Excel, or any program that reads HTML, they can view the report. Most programs support HTML.


Integrated "Internet Email"

Part of your services, Internet Email lets you email one, many, or all your golfers with just a few clicks.
  • Templates. Internet Email automatically saves emails as templates for future use. No need to retype emails over and over again.
  • Form Letter Emails. You can build form letter emails, which automatically fill in personal data for each golfer in the mass email.


Other Features

  • Full screen input. (Just like filling out a form!)
  • Friendly, easy-to-use program.
  • Ability to roll over scores from the previous season.
  • Plus much more! If you don't think League Manager will award points or handicap the way your league does, give us a call at 919-460-7424.
  • To see what's new in the latest release click here.

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