Results Tab

Players' view of Results link

After automatic reports are published, the Results link allows your players to see event and season results. Players can select the Season tab or an Event tab to view the desired report.

Manage Results

The administrator(s) selects the automatic Season and Event results at the beginning of the season. The administrator may create additional reports during the season, too.

  1. Open the Main Menu, and click Website and then Results tab. You will see the current list of results reports.

  2. Click on the button labeled, Add, edit, or remove results... (blue arrow above). On the next screen an administrator may change the display order of results using the up/down arrows; click to Remove; or click on the green plus sign to add a report (image below).

  3. Select a result report to add by clicking on the green link.

  4. Select which items you want to show on the report by using check boxes. You may also Sort and Filter your report at this point. Click the Next button when you are finished selecting options. Please note that you could create two very different reports by selecting different items using the same base report template.

  5. Preview the report and click the Next button when you are satisfied with the report.

  6. Type in a descriptive title for your report. Then click the Finished button.