Produce Results Reports
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Print Results Reports Post-Play

  1. Hover over or tap the logo in the upper left of your screen. Click on the 6. Results link.

  2. Click on the Player tab and then report 2b. Skins - Net link or any report for the format of competition your tournament is using.

  3. Select the various settings needed, Sort as you wish, Filter (designate) who will appear in the results, and then click on the button labeled "View report".

  4. A sample skins report is shown below.

  5. There are four ways to make results available to your players: a) publish to your group's website, b) print, c) download/export as PDF and d) download/export as HTML (web page). Click  on button labeled "Put on website," or the Publish to drop down menu and select the appropriate report format for your needs.