Produce Pre-Play Reports
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Printing Pre-Play Reports

Note: Your website provides players access to a variety of tournament information including Signups, Team Pairings, Results, Real-time results, etc.

In the 4. Reports section, you can print your pairings on card stock, or plain paper. Other types of reports can also be printed. To view some of these reports:

Print the Team Pairing Sheet report

  1. Hover over or tap the logo in the upper left of your screen. Click on the link, "4. Reports" in the Tournament section.

  2. Click on Team pairing sheet link.

  3. Make sure the following items have a check mark in the box and click the View report button.

  4. The following report is displayed on your screen.

  5. Click the Publish drop down menu and select "to Printer" to print the report. You can also download the report in PDF or HTML format to your computer's hard drive by selecting the appropriate Publish option.

More Reports

After you have viewed this report, click the Reports button and view/print some other reports.  Feel free to experiment.

Click on Close button to exit the reports form.