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Posting Scores

Tournament Manager allows you to post scores using any device connected to the Internet. In addition to or instead of administrators, players can post scores during play on their smartphones to take advantage of the Real Time Results feature and/or speed up the availability of results at the end of play. Alternatively you could place people around the course to post scores during play. Players can post their own scores, or the scores for each player in their team/playing group (foursome, threesome, twosome, etc.).

Paired with pre-designating reports to publish in the group website, posting scores during play is a very powerful tool. These features mean that the folks managing the tournament could have almost all their work done before play begins; could have ongoing updates via the Real Time Results on who is winning; and could offer completed results reports after the last players post their last-hole scores. Naturally, the results are provisional until scorecards are verified, witnessed and compared to the posted scores.

  1. Hover over or tap the logo in the upper left of your screen. Click on the 5. Scores link in the Tournament section.

  2. Click on the Score link to the left of John Doe's name.

  3. You will find the cursor is already in the first hole score box (see below). Type the score into the first hole box and the cursor automatically jumps to the next hole (unless you enter the number "1", in which case you need to click or tab to the next hole's box).

  4. If it is relevant to your group's tournament, you can input putts, greens (in regulation), fairways, season points and earnings found at the bottom of the scorecard.
  5. When you finish entering John Doe's score, click the Save button.