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Welcome.  We appreciate your interest in becoming a beta tester and look forward to your participation if you are chosen.


In order to be considered for beta testing, we need to learn more about who you are and the resources at your disposal. Several of the questions we will be asking on this form are personal - information we need in order to accurately evaluate the test data you supply. Please note that this personal information is used only for beta test purposes and is not available to any parties, internal or external, not directly involved in our beta testing.


So, let's get started. Please fill out the following form. Once it is submitted, if you are chosen to be a beta tester we will inform you via e-mail. Thanks again for your interest.


If you are selected to participate in this beta test we:

  • May e-mail you during the beta cycle (regarding beta testing).
  • May ask that you submit data files, if necessary, to assist tech support in identifying and/or correcting software bugs.

Product(s) you wish to beta test:

Check the product(s) below that you would be interested in testing. (Note: We currently have no set date as to when testing on any of these versions will begin)

League Manager
Tournament Manager
Handicap System Web Edition
Website Builder

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