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Welcome to the Beta Testing web page. We thoroughly test all of our high quality products before they are released to the public. Part of this testing is done by a specially selected group of our users, called Beta Testers. They receive a pre-final version of the product (called a "Beta" release) and try it out -- reporting any problems they find so we can fix them before we release the product.

Beta testers get privileged, first access to the product before the public does, and they get to influence development with their feedback. Beta testing is for people who can tolerate the unfinished nature of a pre-release product - it is not for everybody. But, nearly all of our testers find it extremely rewarding to contribute to the final product.

If you are interested in being considered as a Beta tester, you can let us know by filling out our Beta sign-up form. When suitable tests arise, and if you meet our test group criteria, we will contact you.

Please note that because of limitations on test group sizes for some Beta tests, we are not always able to accommodate everyone who would like to be a Beta tester


New to Beta Testing?

Be part of the team that tries pre-release products and gives us the vital feedback that shapes the final version. Our highest priority is to listen to YOU, our customer.

If you're interested in being considered as a tester, please read the rest of this page, and then go back and complete our Beta sign-up form.

Here are some of the conditions and specifics of being a tester:

  • Beta testers use a stable version of the pre-release product; it's usually usable for your day-to-day activities. In fact, we strongly encourage you to use it just that way. We are anxiously waiting to hear whether you find any "bugs." (Bugs are glitches and malfunctions in the software or in interactions with your other software and computer hardware.) We are also eager to hear your suggestions and comments.
  • Testers are selected based on a wide variety of criteria chosen by the Product Team. Examples of criteria include: a certain number of novices, experts, and users of different type computers, new customers, current customers, and so on. We search for a diverse test group to put the software through a variety of activities. For that reason, we can't always guarantee that we can include everyone who would like to test, but we try our best!
  • Beta testing is strictly confidential. If you have a conflict of interest or cannot abide by this stipulation, we won't be able to include you in our testing.


Beta Tester FAQ

What happens after I submit the Beta sign-up form?
Once you fill out the form, you will be entered in our database of potential testers. If you are contacted about a specific test for which you qualify, you will be sent a beta copy of the software.


How are testers selected?
We make our selection based on a set of criteria which may vary from test to test. The criteria may include demographics, computer skill and familiarity, and computer configuration. We reserve the right to deny any application. Occasionally, we defer applicants to a later beta stage or to another test.


If I am not selected, what happens to my application?
Applicants not selected for this season of testing will be deferred to the next tests. There is a possibility that you are better suited for other upcoming tests. We may contact you later for an update of your profile.


What feedback do I have to give?
You will be asked to answer questions related to the product usage. We would like that you push the product to its limits and give us your feedback, if any, on areas for improvement, bugs in the programs, as well as a testimonial of your experience using the software.


What are "bugs"?
"Bug" is a general industry term for an error or a poorly designed part of the software.


What if I want to test, but don't want to be REQUIRED to actively participate and give feedback?
We require that beta testers participate actively in order to be considered for any future tests. If you do not offer any feedback during the test, you may be excluded from consideration for future testing.


Why would I volunteer to beta test?
Most important, it's your chance to contribute to the product's design and features!

Further, as an "active" tester, based on the criteria we specify, you may have an opportunity in some cases to purchase the final version of the software you are testing at a discount (subject to the terms of each beta test).


When will the product that I will be testing release to market?
Sorry, we are not able to reveal this information to testers and the public until we make an official announcement of the software release date.