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Simple pricing

per credit
1 credit allows 1 event score to be posted.
* No setup or monthly fees
$ Golfers or administrators can purchase credits
Down arrow Pay only for rounds played


How do credits work?

Each credit allows one player's event score to be posted. Practice scores, ghost scores, forfeits, rainouts, and no shows do NOT require a credit.

Only "regular" players usually purchase credits. Substitutes can use missing player's credit when they play. Any unused credits can be used by other players, or are carried over to future leagues.

How are credits purchased?

Two ways to purchase credits...

  1. Players purchase credits using their credit or debit card.
    For example, if your league plays 18 events, each player would purchase 18 credits. Price would be $6.30 (18 x 35 cents = $6.30)
  2. Administrator purchases credits for league.
    Administrators can purchase credits anytime to be used by the players.

Is requiring players to purchase credits easy to do?

Yes! It takes a few seconds to send a "League payment due" email to ALL your players that have not paid. They simply click the "Make payment" link, then pay with credit or debit card. Or they can pay anytime at your league website.

Can League Manager collect dues from players?

Yes. League Manager has the option of collecting dues payments from your golfers. "Dues collection" requires your league to setup a free "stripe" account, so collected funds transfer to your league.

What happens when a league runs out of credits?

All features in League Manager continue to work. Players and administrators just can't post event scores.

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