Upload Golf Reports and Views
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When you use Website Builder to create a website for your golf group, there are times that you want to save a Report (standard or custom) or a View for display on your website. This is very simple to do. The following steps are for Reports, but it would be the same process for Views.

In Handicap System, League Manager or Tournament Manager...

  1. Go to the Reports menu and select a report.

  2. Run the selected Report so that you see it displayed on your monitor screen.

  3. With the report on your screen, pull down the "Internet" menu, and select "Save current Report for display on website".

  4. Name your Report for saving in the "Upload Report for display on website" window below. If you are saving consecutive event reports or weekly reports, it is recommended that you add the event number or week descriptor to the file name when saving.

  5. Your report is now available for use in Website Builder.

  6. In Website Builder, click on the Menu tab.

  7. Click on "Add a NEW menu item" icon [].

  8. Follow instructions for using the Existing page for including a Report or View on your website. You can provide access to your Reports and Views directly on the navigation menu, via a link on an Index Page or any other page template that can accommodate a link.