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Capabilities of the Photo Album Template

The Photo Album page has one capability: to add photos/images with Section Headers or categories and captions.

Create a Photo Album Page

  1. From within Website Builder, select the Menu tab selected or Pages tab. If you want this page to automatically have a link on the navigation bar, select the Menu tab.

  1. From the Menu or Pages tab click on the "Add a page" [] icon.

  2. Select the "Photo Album" by highlighting/selecting it (click once with left mouse button) and clicking on the Next button.

  3. Enter information into "Page Properties" window and click Save & Close button.

  4. Your new Photo Album page is now on the navigation menu (if you used the Menu tab).

  5. Click on the "Edit page" icon [] to add or change the content of your Photo Album page.

  6. To add a section header on your Album page such as "Pebble Beach Day" or "August Blaze Tournament" as shown below, click on the "Add a new section header" [] button. You can add or edit text in any of the elements by clicking in that field (Page Title, Sub Title, Header Text, etc.).

  7. To add a photo under a Section Header, highlight/select the Section Header (click once with left mouse button) and click on the "Add a new image" [] button. You can arrange the photos using the up [] or down [] arrows. On the resulting page, the photos will be arranged left to right. Add a Caption and a Description for the image if you like.

  1. Your resulting page will look something like this with expandable thumbnail images:

For information on modifying or rearranging Menu Items, please refer to Modifying or Editing the Navigation Menu.