Main Page Templates
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The following templates offer the most versatility and flexibility in terms of creating web pages from scratch on your Website Builder site.

Your Golf Organization's Information Templates:

Blank Templates with Various Layout Configurations:

If none of these blank templates fit what you would like to do, then you can create your own layout. You can do that by creating a table or tables on the 1-Zone Page.

Other Templates:

Capabilities of the Above Page Templates

These main page templates have many capabilities: links to pages on your website or other websites, photos and images, tables with columns and rows, formatting of font size, color, style, password protect, spell checking, find/replace, numbered/bulleted lists, etc. This type of page template can closely replicate something like a word processor.

Create a Web Page

  1. From within Website Builder, select the "Menu" tab or Pages tab. If you want this page to automatically have a link on the navigation bar, select the Menu tab.

  1. From the Menu or Pages tab click on the "Add a page" [] icon.

  2. Select from the "New Pages" folder one of the page templates (About US, Blank, Calendar, Contact Us, FAQ, Newsletter) by highlighting/selecting it (click once with left mouse button) and clicking on the Next button.

  3. Enter information into "Page Properties" window and click Save & Close button.

  4. Your new web page template is now on the navigation menu (if you used the Menu tab).

  5. Click on the "Edit page" icon [] to add or change the content of your web page. Shown below is the Page Editor with the default About Us page information.

  6. The Website Builder Page Editor allows you to work on your web pages almost as if you were in a word processor such as Microsoft Word. There are two Page Editor modes: Standard and Advanced. Below are the editing icons from both modes. While in the Page Editor, you can click on the Help (F1 key) [] icon to see what each of the editing icons does.

Standard Editing Icons

Advanced Editing Icons

For information on modifying or rearranging Menu Items, please refer to Modifying or Editing the Navigation Menu.