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The top frame or area of Website Builder holds the header or masthead. The top frame runs the width of the monitor and the maximum height is 200 pixels (picture elements). This area is where a logo can be placed. The logo, therefore, should not have a height larger than 200 pixels. The logo can take up the whole header area or just a part. If the logo is smaller, it is set to center itself over the navigation menu. If it is wider than the navigation menu, it left-justifies in the header area.

Upload and Insert a Logo

  1. Click on the Site tab.

  2. Click on the Logo icon.

  3. On the Customize your logo form, click on the "Pick another image for your logo" button [].

  4. On the Pick an image form, you have two choices: pick an image you have already uploaded or upload a new image.

  5. To upload an image, click on the Upload a file icon []. (If you have already uploaded an image, skip to Item 9 below.)

  6. On the "Upload content to your website" screen, click one of the Browse buttons [] right of a blank box. The Browse button lets you find the photo or image file on your computer. If you have more than three files to upload, click on the Add button [] to add one or more slots.

Tip: It is sometimes easier to find the image you want if you set Windows' "Choose File" from View Menu to "Thumbnails."

  1. After you have located all the files that you want to upload, click on the "Upload files(s) you have selected below" button [].

Note: The file types that you may upload include ones with these file extensions: .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png for images/photos and .pdf, .doc, .rtf and .txt for documents.

  1. Once your image is uploaded, click on the Close button [].

  2. Highlight/select the image in your list and click on the Finished button [].

Your logo image may turn out to be unexpectedly smaller than you intended. In this case, upload it again and take the check mark out of the box with the accompanying text, "Convert uploaded images to web format. (Highly recommended) Any large images will be re-sized to fit a window 488 x 336."