Insert a Link (Hyperlink)
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You can insert a link to a different web page on your website or a web page on another website with many of the blank page types.

Inserting a Link to Another Website on Your Navigation Menu

Please refer to Link Template.

Inserting Links on a Web Page

  1. Click on the Menu tab.

  2. Select/highlight one of the pages on your menu as below that allows a link to be inserted.

  3. Click on the EDIT page icon [].

  4. Select/highlight the text - "club member" in the below example - that you want to turn into a clickable link.

  5. Click on the Add Link icon [].

  6. Verify the Link Text, choose Website address (or other choice), and select whether you want to show the link in the current browser window or new browser window. Then click the  Finished button [].

Insert a Link into a List Page

Please refer to List Page.