Inserting a Photo on a Web Page
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A photo or image can be uploaded and inserted into certain Page Templates. Please refer to Page Templates and Capabilities.

Upload Your Photo or Image

Your first task is to upload your photo(s) and/or image(s).

  1. Select the Files tab.

  2. Click on the "Upload a file to your website" button [].

  3. On the "Upload content to your website" screen, click one of the Browse buttons [] right of a blank box. The Browse button lets you find the photo or image file on your computer. If you have more than three files to upload, click on the Add button [] to add one or more slots.

Tip: It is sometimes easier to find the image you want if you set Windows' "Choose File" form View Menu to "Thumbnails."

  1. After you have located all the files that you want to upload, click on the "Upload files(s) you have selected below" button [].

Note: The file types that you may upload include ones with these file extensions: .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png for images/photos and .pdf, .doc, .rtf and .txt for documents.

Inserting a Photo / Image Into a Page

Photos and images can be inserted into any one of Website Builder's Main Page Templates.

  1. If you have not created the web page for the photo yet, do so now.

  2. Select the Menu tab.

  3. Select/highlight the page on the left hand menu into which you want to insert a photo/image.

  4. Click on the "Edit page" icon [] to change the content of your web page.

  5. In the Page Editor, click inside the content area and insert photo/image by clicking on the Image Manager icon [].

  6. Once your image is inserted, right-button-click on the image to determine how text will flow around the photo (Set Image Properties) and whether the photo is on left or right side.