Existing File (pdf, doc, txt, rtf, image, etc.)
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Capabilities of the Existing File Page Template

The Existing File page type has the capability to place a link on the navigation menu that links to...

Note: When people click on the navigation menu item created using the Existing File page type, users are taken directly to the linked pdf, doc, txt, rtf, image, etc. on your Website Builder website or to a website address that you designate.

Create a Existing File Page

  1. From within Website Builder, make sure you have the "Menu" tab selected (rather than the Pages tab).

  1. From the Menu tab click on the "Add a page" [] icon.

  2. Select the "Existing file" page by highlighting/selecting it (click once with left mouse button) and clicking on the Next button.

  3. Enter information into "Add Link..." window and click "Finished" button or "Next" button if it is a "File on my website".

    - The "Link Text" is the wording for the navigation menu on the left.

    - Put the dot next to "Website address," "Email address," or "File on my website (PDF, Doc, Txt, Rft, image, etc...)"

    - If you are linking to a website or a file, determine if you want a new browser window to open when someone clicks on the link or if you want the page to open within the right "frame" content area.

  4. If you chose "File on my website", select a file from the "Pick a File" screen and click the "Finished" button.

  5. Your new Existing File page is now on the navigation menu.

For information on modifying or rearranging Menu Items, please refer to Modifying or Editing the Navigation Menu.