Creating Your Website Home Page
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What Will Go On Your Home Page?

Your golfers will first "land" on your home page when they visit your website. What do you want them to see? Website Builder has various types of building block pages called Page Templates which you can use to build each of your web pages. Depending on what you want and need on your home page, you will choose a certain Page Template to create your home page. Refer to Creating a New Web Page to help you make this decision.

The page templates range from the Announcement page template -- which allows for headings, subheadings and text, making it very simple to use -- to the Blank page templates which are very flexible and can do many things. If you want to start off with something very simple to use, try the Announcement page. If you want to put photos on the home page and other non-text elements, try the Blank page templates. If you've used a word processor like Microsoft Word or Word Perfect previously, you can easily adapt to using the Blank page templates too.

Note: Any of your web pages can be the home page. The home page is the one at the very top of your navigation menu. See Modifying or Editing the Navigation Menu to see how to move a page up to the top to make it the home page. The home page does not need to be named "home."