Creating a New Web Page
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First, Decide What Page Elements You Will Need

Whenever you create a new web page for your website using Website Builder, the first consideration is what you want to display on this new page. Page elements include but are not limited to the following:

Next, Decide What Blank Page Template Will Do What You Need

Website Builder has various templates from which you can create your web pages. Each page template has certain capabilities while it may lack others. Based on the elements you decide you need for the new web page (above), you choose the blank page type with which to start. Please refer to Page Templates and Capabilities for information on what each blank page type can do.

Check How Your New Page Looks

It's a good idea to check what your new page looks like for different screen resolutions. Remember, not everyone is viewing the website with the same resolution as your computer monitor.

Steps to Create a New Web Page

  1. From within Website Builder, select the "Menu" tab or Pages tab. If you want this page to automatically have a link on the navigation bar, select the Menu tab.

  1. From the Menu or Pages tab click on the "Add a page" [] icon.

  2. Select one of the page templates by highlighting/selecting it (click once with left mouse button) and clicking on the Next button.

  3. Enter information into "Page Properties" window and click Save & Close button.

  4. Your new web page template is now on the navigation menu (if you used the Menu tab).

For more information on the various types of page templates available and how to use them, refer to Page Templates and Capabilities.