Create Your Website Look and Feel
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Look and Feel Features

There are five main features - in addition to the content which you create - that give your website it's own look and feel.

Creating Your Look and Feel

You can change the look and feel of your website as described below as often as you like.

  1. Select the Site tab in the upper left hand corner of Website Builder.

  2. Place your mouse cursor over the Color icon and then on one of the color themes. The example below shows the Challenger color theme. The color theme determines the background colors of the Header, Navigation Menu, Footer, links, etc.

  1. Place your mouse cursor over the Font icon and then select one of the available fonts for use on your website. Generally sans serif fonts are recommended for websites. Sans serif fonts are the fonts without serifs which are the short horizontal lines added at the tops and bottoms of the vertical member of the letter. In Website Builder, Courier New, Georgia and Times New Roman are serif fonts, meaning they have these lines added to tops and bottoms. Aerial, Tahoma and Verdana are the sans serif fonts.

Note: This method will change fonts globally - meaning across your whole website - with the exception of any text you have defined as another font using the Font Name feature from within the Editor.

  1. Click on the Header icon and on the Customize your header form, make the following selections: a) whether to show header or not, b) header height, c) whether to show logo or not, d) header title text, text color, text size and font weight, e) header subtitle text, text color, text size and font weight, f) header title and subtitle alignment and g) whether to show Account button or not. Click on the Save & Close button [] when finished.

  1. Click on the Menu icon. Decide between a Horizontal menu and Vertical menu. With the Vertical menu you also select the Width of menu. You can decide here if you want the menu expanded or collapsed when the website is initially visited during an Internet session. In Step 4 above you have the choice to show a logo across the top of the web page. Here in Step 5 you can choose to show a smaller logo atop the menu items. Image width at the top of the menu is limited to 300 pixels. Website Builder allows for collapsible menus.

  1. Click on the Footer icon and - on the Customize your footer form - indicate whether to show the Footer or not type in a Footer Text and select the Footer Font Size. Add links in the footer, if you think you have some links that would be useful to your website visitors. Click on the Save & Close button [] when finished. The footer shrinks down in size during normal viewing. When the cursor is placed on the footer , it will increase in height to make it visible.

  1. You now have a look and feel that will be consistent through your website's pages.