Import Golfers
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Importing golfers is the most efficient way to move your golfers into Tournament Manager. There are four file types that can be imported:

Files where the columns/fields of data are separated by...

  1. Comma separated values (CSV)
  2. Tab delimited (.txt or text)
  3. Space delimited values
  4. Semicolon delimited values

The most common delimiters are the comma (CSV) and tab (in text files).

Your files may not look exactly like those below nor contain the same columns. However, your files must contain each player's information on one horizontal row as shown in the two examples below where vertical columns of are separated by a comma or tab.

Example of comma delimited file:

Example of tab delimited file:

Steps to Import Golfers into Tournament Manager

Follow these steps to import players:

  1. Move your cursor/pointer to hover over over the logo in the top left corner or tap once on the logo to bring up the Main Menu. Click/tap on the Manage link under the Players section.

  2. Click/tap on the 3-Bar Menu in the top right corner.

  3. Click/tap on Import Players from file... 

  4. Click/tap on the button labeled Select file... This will bring up the contents of your computer's hard drive.

  5. Find the file to import on your computer and double click, double tap, or highlight and click/tap on the Open button at the lower right.

  6. Click/tap to select the correct row to start import. (You do not want to import the column headers that may be part of your data set. Start import at row: will remove the column headings.)

  7. Click/tap on the Next button to advance to Tab 2. Type of File.

  8. Click/tap to put the dot next to the correct Field separator : CommaTabSpace or Semicolon. When you select the correct Field separator, the data will cleanly align in columns.

  9. Click/tap on the Next button to advance to Tab 3. Items to Import.

  10. Click/tap on the drop down menu above each column of data and select the appropriate description for the data in that column.

  11. Click/tap on the Next button to advance to Tab 4. Verify Import.

  12. Click/tap on the Import button. Tournament Manager will present you with the results of the import.

  13. Inspect the results of the import to verify it is what you desired.

  14. Click/tap on the Close button to go to the roster of players you just imported.