Modify Signup Page Settings
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Figure 1

Signup Page Settings

Signup page settings include items such as...

Some of the information is "pre-populated" from other areas where you may have previously entered the information.

Figure 2

Editing Your Signup Settings

  1. Click on the Signup Pages tab.

  2. Highlight the signup page for which you want to edit the settings and then click on the Edit signup page icon [].

  3. Click on the Settings icon. See Figure 1.

  4. Enter or verify the Event Information

  5. Show or hide registration list from viewers (showing will place a "View current signups" button at the bottom of the online registration form - see green image below). When the signup list is viewable, players may remove themselves (not others) from the event. When players log in to their account in GolfSoftware (online), they can see the signups under the Signups tab in their player portal (if you've placed a check mark in the box labeled "Show in your player's portal".

  1. Make any necessary changes to the Signup start date/time or the Signup close date/time. Type the date and time or use the calendar and clock icons to set the start and end times and dates.

  2. Edit or verify the Contact Information.

  3. Design the Signup Closed Page and the Maximum Reached Page.

  1. Click Save & Close button [].