Design Confirmation Email
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Figure 1

Email Confirmation

The Email Confirmation is the email a registrant receives after they click on the "Submit" button on the Online Signup page.  The Email Confirmation can be edited much in the same way that you can edit in a word processor such as Word. A variety of icons are available for various editing tasks. The blue question mark icon at the far right will show you what each of the edit icons enable you to do. See Figure 2.

Figure 2

One additional, and important, editing feature is that you can insert information automatically into your confirmation email from the data entry fields of your signup form that registrants fill in. Information that is inserted automatically - merged - is indicated by the squiggly brackets, i.e., {}. See {signup-first_name} below in Figure 4. The icon in Figure 3 is used for inserting data items.

Figure 3

Steps to Design Your Email Confirmation

  1. Click on the Design Signup Page tab.

  1. Click on the Email Confirmation icon similar to the one shown above in Figure 1.

  2. Your Email Confirmation editing page will look similar to Figure 4 below.

    Figure 4

  3. Create or modify an existing email using the Insert Data Field, creating needed appropriate text and the editing icons available.

  4. When finished, Save & Close button [].