Define Payment Options
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Figure 1

Event Payment Options

You can either have fees for your event or not. If you choose to collect fees, there are these three types of payment:

  1. credit card or invoice
  2. credit card only
  3. invoice only

Each payment type has a variety of buttons from which you can select. Depending on how you setup your event fees, the "flow chart" on the Signup Page tab will look like one of the four options in Figure 2 below. You can select from

Figure 2 - Payment Options

Defining Your Payment Options

  1. To begin defining payment options, select a signup page from the Signup Page tab and click on the Edit icon [].

  2. Now click on the Fee/No Fee icon. See Figure 1 above.

  3. You will now be at the form to define your Event Fee(s).

    Figure 3

  4. Put a dot either at "No event fee" or "Event fee" (see "a"). If you select no fee, click Save & Close button [].

  5. If you select the option to for event fees, then fill in the Event Fee Description (see "b"). If you have multiple fees, you may want to enter "Total Fee" or something similar.

  1. Click the Add a new fee item button [] and to add a fee. See "c" in Figure 3 above. You may add as many Fee Items as you need.

  2. Enter the description for the fee item, such as "Tournament Entry Fee," "Skins," etc.

    Figure 4

  3. There are four types of Fee Items from which to select. Depending on which fee type you select - by clicking on the dot - other options will appear as depicted below. After selecting the appropriate Fee Item and filling in associated information, click on the Save & Close button [].

  1. There are times when you need a Blank Line, Section Header or explanatory Text within the fee area of your online registration form. You can use these Text Items for such times. After selecting the appropriate Text Items and filling in associated information, click on the Save & Close button [].

  2. In order for a fee item to show up on your online registration form, it must have its box checked. See below:

  1. Choose whether registrants will have the option to pay by 1) credit card or invoice, 2) credit card only or 3) invoice only. See "d" in Figure 3.

  2. Save your Event Fee information by clicking on Save & Close button [].