Steps to Create a Signup Page
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Steps to Create a Signup Page

The first time you logged into your account, you would have been presented with a form to enter your organization's information. When you saved your organization information, you would have been taken to the Signup Page creation screen. We will start this step-by-step with the creation of the Signup Page.

  1. Click on the Signup Pages tab.

  2. Click on the Add a new signup page.

  1. Open your newly added signup page.

  2. Design your signup page.

    a) Edit top portion of online signup page
    b) Select single or multiple signup template and edit signup information items (name, address, phone, email, etc.)
    c) Determine event payment options
    d) Edit bottom portion of online signup page

  3. Edit the online confirmation.

  4. Edit the email confirmation.

  5. Edit the email receipt (if you have online payment).

  6. Edit the email invoice (if your event allows payment offline).

  7. Edit the notification email (if event manager would like to be notified by email each time someone registers online).

  8. Verify your signup page settings.

  9. Edit the online event-registration-closed page (if your registration has a start and end date).

  10. Edit the online maximum-registration-number page (if your registration has a maximum for number of registrants).

  11. Find links and buttons, if desired, to use in your email and website promotion of your event registration.