Add a New Signup Page
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Follow these steps to add a new signup page:

  1. Select the Signup Pages tab

  2. Above the list of signup pages (see Figure 1), click on the Add a new signup page icon []

    Figure 1

  3. A form will appear labeled "Select starting Template." Make a selection from Standard Templates or My Templates folder(s).  The My Templates items are those signup forms that you have created. You do not have to recreate from scratch the same form again. Just use the template you need "as is" or a template that is close to what you need and you can modify it to fit the new need(s).

    If the signup form is for a tournament, there are two different choices: a) Tournament - Individual ("a" in Figures 2 and 3) and b) Tournament Team ("b" in Figures 2 and 4). There is a critical difference between these two templates when you plan to import the registered players into Tournament Manager or need to import the signed up players into a database with each player on his/her own row (record) of the database. Note that you can select whether it is an individual template or multi-player template as you are designing your Signup Page Items.

    With the multi-player template - and let's say it is a 4-person team tournament - one player can sign up all four players on one signup form and those four players can be exported as one row (one record with four players) or four rows (four records with one player per record). This means that each of the four players will appear on their own row in Tournament Manager. (Previous to the 2012 version, you could create a form to sign up more than one player, such as a foursome, but they all occupied one row (one record) and could not be imported as four different players.)
    Highlight a template and click on the Next button []. See Figure 2.

    Figure 2

    Figure 3 Template: Tournament - Individual

    Figure 4 Template: Tournament - Team

  4. In the next form to appear, enter as much information about your event as possible (you can add and modify it later, if needed). When you are finished, click on the Save & Close button []. See Figure 5.

    Figure 5

  5. You will be taken to the Design Signup Page Tab with your newly created signup page active.