Accept Credit Card Payments
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Accept Credit Card Payments

  1. Click on Signup Pages tab
  2. Click on Settings icon
  3. Enter your PayPal email address

Figure 1

Signup Solutions provides you the capability to accept payment during the online signup process. Four payment options are available in Signup Solutions (which you can select elsewhere when you create signup pages)...

PayPal Email Address

Insert your email address associated with your PayPal Business Account.

Free PayPal Business Account

Click on the link with the text, "Click here to set up your FREE account (Select the "Business Account Option")" to sign up for a free PayPal Business Account (see Figure 1 above). At the PayPal page at which you arrive, click on the "Sign Up Today!" button []. On the next page, click on the "Start Now" button [] for the Business Account. See Figure 2 below.

Figure 2