Creating a League

For those running League Manager for the first time, follow these steps to start a new league.  If you don’t understand a menu option, see the following pages of this help manual for a detailed description.

Create a New League

  1. Select “Create New League” from the League menu.  The “Open \ New League” form will appear.

  2. Click the New League button to create a new league. 

  1. If you play 9 holes (front OR back nine) each league event, you have a 9-hole league. If you play 18 holes (front AND back nine) each league event, you have an 18-hole league. Type “9” if you are creating a nine hole league and “18” if it is an eighteen hole league.

  1. The “Parameters for League” form will appear.
    Fill in the necessary information. Use the TAB key to move around the form and click [OK] when finished.

Note: Individual leagues that play head to head match play...should enter one player per team.

Note: If you have an individual league that plays against the course or field you can enter any number of players per team.  The team a player is on is irrelevant (ignored) since you will only print out individual standings.

Note: Individual leagues...the number of teams can represent the number of players in your league.

Note: The number of teams must be even.  If you have an odd number of teams, one team will act as a bye or as a ghost team.

  1. Is Your League Separated Into Divisions?
    League Manager supports two types of divisions:

  1. “Baseball” type divisions. This is for leagues that do NOT have inter divisional play.
    Each division acts like a separate league.  However divisions do share the same substitutes in common. This means a substitute can play in any division.  If your league has these types of “Baseball” style divisions, click the New Division button and repeat step 2 for each division.

  2. “Football” type divisions.  This is for leagues that have teams playing inter-divisionally.  DO NOT create any new divisions!  You will only have one division, which you will later break up into separate groups. The terminology League Manager uses for “football” type divisions are called GROUPS.  The group/division each team is on will be specified on the Team form.  See Entering Team Information for more information.

  1. Load the League You Just Created
    Select the league and click Load or double-click the league name.

Enter the Golf Course(s) your League will play on

  1. Select “Course Library” from the Setup menu.
  2. The “Golf Course Library” form will appear.
  3. Click the [New] button to add a new course.  The “Add Course” form will appear.
  4. Type in the name of the Course.
  5. Highlight the tee(s) the men will play on, in the tee box, and click the [Edit] button. The “Edit Tee” form will appear.  Fill in all the information requested, ratings, slopes, yardage, pars, and hole handicaps.  Click [OK] when done.
  6. Highlight the tee(s) the ladies will play on, in the tee box, and click the [Edit] button.  Enter all information.

Note: Courses can be accessed by any league you create and may be added at any time. Nine hole leagues can play on any number of 9 hole courses. Eighteen hole leagues can play any number of 18 hole courses. If you have men AND women in your league, enter both men and women’s tees for any course your league will play on. League Manager requires full course information for both men and women. It only takes a few minutes to enter the course information, and once done you never have to do it again.

See Entering Courses for more information.

Enter League Information

  1. Enter the Name of Each Team
    By default team 1 is named “Team 1”, team 2 is named “Team 2”, etc...  To name your teams something else:

  1. Enter Each Player's Information

  1. Double click your mouse on the appropriate player space or click the Edit Player button.

  1. The “Player Information” form will appear.

  1. Enter the information for each player.  At minimum, enter each player’s name and gender.  The player’s address, phone number, handicap, flight, practice scores, etc…are optional.

  1. If your membership has played practice rounds, or you have a history of scores for your players, enter these on the "League Statistics" tab as practice scores to establish an initial handicap.  See Entering Player Information for more information.

Note: If you do not enter any practice scores League Manager does have an option to calculate an “Instantaneous Handicap”.

  1. Add Substitutes

  1. If you use substitutes, move to the Substitutes section at the very bottom of the list.

  2. Move to a blank position and double click to add/edit a substitute.  The “Player Information” form will appear.

Note: The first five substitutes in the list are called the “Ghost Substitutes”.  If no human substitute is available, the opposing player may play against a Ghost.  If you are entering hole-by-hole scores you will want to customize the Ghost parameters.  See Making Substitutions for more information.

Set League Parameters

  1. Customize the League Schedule
    To customize the league schedule, choose “Automatic Scheduling” from the Setup menu. See Automatic League Scheduler for information about setting up your schedule.

  1. Customize Handicap Calculation Parameters
    To customize how handicapping is done, choose “Handicap Calculation Parameters” from the Setup menu. See Handicap Calculation Parameters for information about setting different calculation modes.

  1. Customize Point Calculation Parameters
    To customize point calculations, select the “Point Calculation Parameters” option from the Setup menu. See Point Calculation Parameters for detailed information.

  1. Customize the Ghost Parameters
    If you use substitutes, you may want to customize the “Ghost Substitutes”.  Double click each “Ghost” player to edit its parameters.  See Making Substitutions for more information.