Saving a view / report to a web page

Websites are made up of pages created using HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

Any report or view can be saved as an HTML file (webpage) and uploaded to a website.

Tip: League Manager can also export any report or View to Excel (Where you can further edit the report)...Excel can then save spreadsheets in HTML format too.

Example:  To save a view as a web page:

  1. Click the Print button , then click the Export to -> Excel File, Html File, or Text File button.
  2. By default League Manager wants to save the report as "GolfList". Let's put it on your desktop.  Click the drop down list in the Save In box and select Desktop.  Also change the Save as type to HTML (Web format).
  3. Click the Save button.
  4. A file icon called "GolfList.htm" (or whatever you named it) will appear on your desktop.  Double-click this and your browser will launch with the report as the page.

This file "GolfList.htm", can be uploaded to your webserver so any one anywhere can view this report.