Sending an Email

The email system allows you to send emails to one, many or all of your golfers.

You can create unique messages each time you send an email, or you can save (multiple) email templates to use repeatedly which can automatically fill in information such as player name, current handicap, etc.

One of the email templates you will want to send your members is how to access their information online.

How to Send an Email

  1. Open the Main Menu, click "Roster" under Organization.
  2. Find the Roster from which you want to email players and click on Load Roster.
  3. Select the players that you want to email by clicking on the boxes to the left of their names. You can select one, some or all of your players. If you want to email all players, click the very top box labeled "Email".

  4. Once you have selected the players to email, click on the envelope icon at the top.

  5. Click on the New email button, or Template button. If you click the Template button, select and load a template.

  6. In a new email, type in your Subject and your content/message.

  7. Click on the Preview button, if you want to see what the email looks like when sent.

  8. When you are ready, click on the Send button.