Creating Email Templates

The program enables you to save email templates for repeated use.

Example: You may want to create an email to notify all members of a rain out. Or an email to update players on their current handicap and other statistics.

How to create an email template

  1. Open the Main Menu, click "Roster" under Organization.
  2. Find the Roster from which you want to email players and click on Load Roster.
  3. Put a check mark into at least one player's box to the far left of your screen.
  4. Click on the envelope icon at the top left.

  5. Click on New email button.
  6. Type in a Subject.
  7. Type your message including salutation, body and signature.
  8. In the message area, you can use data fields to insert information. For instance, if you use the "First name" data field, the system will insert {firstName}.

    First Name field

  1. Click on the Preview button, if you want to see what the email looks like when sent.

    First Name field filled in

  1. When you have finished your template email, click on button labeled, "Save as template".