Create Custom View

  1. Open the Main Menu, click on Players under Roster.
  2. Click inside the View box or on black triangle (arrow below).

  3. Click on the Custom / Public tab.

  4. Click on the green plus sign labeled Add View.

  5. Type in the Name of the new Custom View.

  6. Click on an item (column) you would like in your View to highlight it.
  7. Click on the leftward pointing blue arrow to "Use" the column. It will be added to the left hand side.
  8. Use the blue arrows pointing up and down to move columns around to the order you prefer.
  9. Use the red "x" to delete a column.
  10. You can make this View public by clicking on the box labeled "Make this a Public view..." and placing the link on your website.

Note: Public views, i.e., those where the link is placed on a website, default to sorting alphabetically by last name.