Start Here

Your starting tasks

  1. Learn how to log in to your player account on your computer, tablet or smartphone

  2. Fill out you profile information

  3. There is a separate User's Guide for our Handicap System players smartphone web app

The Home screen

When you log in, you arrive at the Home screen. This is your portal or hub from which you navigate to the available features. Find below the explanation for each of the numbered items.

  1. Name of the Roster to which you belong
  2. Home tab returns you to Home screen
  3. Scores tab reveals your scoring history (9- and 18-hole scores) and allows you to post/add more scores
  4. Handicaps tab shows a) exactly how your handicap is calculated and b) your handicap card and c) Course Handicaps for your chosen course and tees
  5. Players tab lets you view all the players in your roster with selected information
  6. Files tab displays files and documents your Roster Administrator has saved for player viewing
  7. Signups tab takes you to a list of currently active online registration forms for your golf group
  8. Courses tab provides access to world-wide database of courses and shows favorites
  9. Your name
  10. Player icon shows who is logged in, provides access to your player profile and has a "Sign out" link
  11. Resource links
  12. Message screen