Golf Course Database

Courses Screen Elements

Handicap System player portal provides access to a world-wide database of courses shared by all users of our service (not just your group). The courses screen, reached by clicking on the Courses tab, consists of the following:

  1. Courses tab
  2. Search box
  3. Courses per page setting and page navigation
  4. List of courses for current selection criteria
  5. World map of golf courses (click to use)
  6. List of your favorite courses

If you cannot find a course in the list, try the map. When the course was entered, the lister may have used a name different from the name you are using to find the course. Using the map may help you locate the course in such a situation.

Finding your golf course

  1. Click on "Courses" tab.

  2. Use the search box to find your course. For U.S. state names, use the 2-character abbreviation (i.e., North Carolina = nc).

  3. When you find a course you want to use with your handicapping, click on the "Favorite" link in the left column.

  4. Alternatively, you can click on the world Map of Courses to find a course (will not be able to select it as Favorite).

Delete courses from the Favorite Courses list

To delete a course from the Favorite Courses list, simply click the Remove link to the right of the course name.