Start Here with Handicap System

Your 3 starting tasks with Handicap System

  1. Enter your organization's information
  2. Create a Roster and Add or import player names and email addresses
  3. Invite players a) to join your group's online Handicap System portal and b) to fill in their other contact information (address, phone, etc.)

Other optional starting tasks

  1. Define your Roster Settings including Handicap Calculation Parameters
  2. Add or import golf scores
  3. Add golf courses to your favorites list from included world wide golf course database
  4. Calculate handicaps

Options Menu

Figure: Options Menu

Options menu "activation zone"

Much of your maneuvering in Handicap System begins in a rectangular zone that activates the Options Menu. Within Handicap System you will see this charcoal gray bar (picture below) running across the top of your monitor screen. The orange area marked in the image below - but not in your Handicap System - shows where to place your pointer to pop open the Options Menu. The gray bar also contains three other icons at the right-hand side of the bar which you can click.

Figure: Activate Options Menu with pointer placement

In-progress indicator

Sometimes you will perform a task such as sorting players in your Roster or searching for a player. The program will indicate - much like the familiar hourglass or spinning cursor - that the task is in progress with the following indicator:

Finding answers in this User Guide

It is easy finding answers about Handicap System. Click on the question mark icon in the upper right corner of the Administrator Panel and select User Guide.