Using Tables to Create Multiple Columns
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Tables are Like Bookshelves...

Sometimes columns on a web page are useful for displaying data or arranging your content. Tables make multiple columns - and rows - possible. You can think of tables on web pages as somewhat like bookshelves in which you arrange your content. In your bookshelf you can have as many or as few shelves (rows in a table) as you want. You can also have as many vertical dividers in your bookshelf (columns in a table) as you need. You can even place a table within a table if you need a "cell" of the table to be further subdivided.

Create a 3-Column Table

  1. First create a new page using the Blank (Single area) page template.

  2. Click on the Edit icon [].

  3. In the Page Editor, highlight the text, "Enter content here..." and press Backspace or Delete key.

  4. Click on the Insert Table icon [].

  5. In the Create a table window select "Blank" table type. For Columns enter 3 and for Rows enter 1. You will see what it looks like in the Sample area. Click the Finished button [].

  6. You now have a very small 3-column table in your Page Editor.

  7. Right-button click inside the table and select Set Table Properties.

  8. In the Table Wizard make the width "100%" (you can adjust later if needed) and click the OK button. You can also add borders, background color, etc. in this Table Wizard.

  9. You can now add content to each of the three columns.

Table with No Borders

  1. Right-button click inside the table and select Set Table Properties.

  2. In the Table Wizard click on the Table Properties tab.

  3. Change the Border Width to zero (0) just left of the OK and Cancel button.

  4. Change the Border Color to transparent (box with "x" in it).

  5. Make sure Table CSS has "Clear Style" in it.