Upload HTML Files
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Types of Files

A variety of files can be uploaded from your computer for use by Website Builder. These include report files created by Handicap System, League Manager or Tournament Manager and web page (html) files as follows:



  • .wlm (League Manager)
  • .wtm (Tournament Manager)
  • .whs (Handicap System)
  • .htm
  • .html

These can be linked to from various page templates or linked from the navigation menu by using the Existing page template. If you have created files using other programs such as Excel, Word, etc., make sure you save the files as HTML.

Steps to Upload an HTML File

Log into Website Builder if you are not already.

  1. Click on Pages tab.

  2. Click on "Upload page(s)" button [].

  3. Click on one of the "Browse" buttons [] that has an empty white rectangle to the left of it.

  4. The "Choose file" window will pop up. Select the file that you want to upload and click the Open button.

  5. The formerly empty white rectangle next to the Browse button you clicked will now have your file location information in it.

  6. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for other files that you want to upload.

  7. Click on the "Add" button [] if you have more than three files that you want to upload.

  8. When you are finished choosing files to upload, click on the "Upload files(s) you have selected below/above" button [].

  9. After these set of files upload, you can upload more files or click the "Close" button [].

  10. You will now see your uploaded files within the Uploaded Pages folder.