Unique Website Address (Domain Name)
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Included with your subscription to Website Builder is one unique website address, otherwise known as a domain name. If you are still in your 30-day trial period and have not yet placed an order for a subscription, please wait to order your domain name until after you place your subscription order.

How to Request a Domain Name

If you have not yet received the included domain name with a Website Builder subscription, you are invited to do so. A "domain name" is an Internet address such as www.GolfSoftware.com. In your group's case, you would want a domain name reflecting who your group is.

  1. Go to your Website Builder Administration page via the Internet menu in your golf software (League Manager, Tournament Manager or Handicap System) or to the online login page at GolfSoftware.net.
  2. On the Administration page, click on the link under Included Services, Get Your Website Name and Email (Free).

  3. Fill in the form to request your domain name and 1 email address.