Search Engine Title and Meta Tags
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Increase the Likelihood Your Website Builder Site Will be Found in Search Engines

If you run a golf course and are using's Website Builder, you probably would like to appear in searches conducted by golfers at various search engines, including Google and Yahoo. We help your Website Builder site get found by providing you the option to enter a Title (the text in the link in search engine results that people click), Description and Keywords.

About the Title

The Title of any web page appears on the top bar (browser title bar) across your monitor when you visit a web page. The Title also is the text that Google or Yahoo (and other search engines) link to in the search engine results. See the two images below with the Title for's home page: " - Golf Software for Golf Leagues, Golf Tournaments, and Golf Clubs."

Think carefully what you would like to put into your Title. The Title is perhaps the most important on-your-web-page item for search engine rankings. Make sure to observe the following:

Browser Title Bar

Search Engine Results Links (circled in green)

Insert a Title

Follow these steps to insert a Title.

  1. In Website Builder, click on the Site tab.

  2. Click on the Search Engines icon.

  3. Type your Title into the box labeled "Website Title."

About the Description

With the Description, you have a bit more room than with the Title. You have up to 200 characters including spaces. Do include your most important keyword(s) such as suggested for the Title. Try to avoid repeating the same exact text in your Title. Come up with something new, yet still using your most important keyword(s).

Enter your Description into the box labeled "Meta Description."

About Keywords

Use the Google keyword tool to choose 5 to 15 keywords and/or phrases that people actually use. Put the keywords/phrases in order of importance with the most important one first. Separate each keyword or keyword phrase by a comma.

Enter your Keywords into the box labeled "Meta Keywords."