Replace Previous Report or View with an Updated One
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Updating/Replacing a Current Page with New Information

If you are repeatedly publishing the same, but updated, View or Report to your website from Handicap System, League Manager or Tournament Manager, use the following method:

  1. From the Internet menu in HS (or LM or TM), select "Save current 'Report' or 'View' for display on website".

  1. In the Name box of the Upload Report for display on website, type the EXACT SAME file name as before so that the previous file is overwritten and click the Save button.

  2. You will be prompted with a message that says a "web page with this name" already exists. If you are positive that you want to replace the current version of the Report/View with your new version, click the Yes button.

  3. Your updated Report/View is now available for viewing on your website.