Recover Previous Versions of a Page
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Page Types for which Revisions History Exists

Previous revisions are available for only certain types of pages.

Recovering a Previous Revision

If you deleted your web page created within Website Builder, there are no revisions to recover. However, if you modified your web page that you created from within Website Builder, and you would rather have the previous version of your web page of at least 10 minutes ago or longer, then you can recover one of your previous revisions.

  1. Select your web page on your menu and click on the yellow pencil [] to enter the Editor

  2. In the Editor click on the white "Revision history" link to the right of the button labeled "Save & Close"

  3. You will now see your Revision history list. The one with the most recent date and time is at the top and the oldest at the bottom. To see what a revision looks like, click anywhere on the button for the revision date. Once you have found the revision that most suits your needs, click on its corresponding blue link to go back to the Editor with the revision you selected. To return to the Editor with your most recent version that is less than 10 minutes old, click on the Close (X) link at the top right of the blue Revision history area.

  4. Once you have made any changes needed to the revision you selected, click on Save & Close

Note: Revision are not meant for permanent backup. Revisions are temporary in case you need to revert to a recently saved version.