Plan Your Website
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Take a moment to plan what you will publish or display on your website...

A simple way to brainstorm your website is to create an "organizational chart" or to "story board" your website as in the figure below... Each of the rectangles represents one web page. Pages such as "Event Results" which point to other pages are easily created using the Index page type. Each of the  smaller rectangles below the "Event Results" page represent a web page with results for one event (for which you can import a View or Report from your golf software). Some may find it helpful to organize using "book" concepts.

Generally, the first level (Home page) and the second level (Event Results, League Members, Event Photos, etc.) will have Menu Item links on your Navigation Menu. The third level pages will not necessarily appear on your Navigation Menu, but will be linked to from one of the second-level pages.

Try to foresee what page elements each of your pages might contain. Doing this will help you decide which blank page template to use for specific pages. For instance, if you think you might have photos on a page, you would want to choose the Document or Spreadsheet page types.

Website Storyboard

Website Menu

You can use the storyboard method or an outline - like we learned in school - to map out what your website will contain for content initially. It might look like the image below or like an outline. That will translate into your website's menu shown at the bottom.

With a plan for your website illustrated above, you might end up with a menu that looks something like the image below. Home is at the top with the following main pages...

The Event Results and Event Photos have subordinate pages listed indented below. The subordinate pages can even collapse so only the Event Results and Event Photos are initially showing. Clicking on either will expand the menu.