Password Protect a Web Page
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Sometimes there may be information that your club or group members would rather not be available to just anyone coming across your website. A list of players with addresses, phone numbers and email addresses may be such a page you'd rather keep behind a password. Website Builder lets you easily password protect your web pages.

Steps to Password Protect a Page

The following steps assume you have already created the page which you now want to place "behind" a password entry.

  1. Click on the Menu tab.

  2. Highlight/select the page on the menu which you want to password protect.

  3. Click on the Page properties icon [].

  4. On the Page Properties form place a check mark in the box (see circled below) to apply password.

  5. Type in a password (which you will distribute to those to whom you want to give access to the password-protected page).

  6. Click the Save & Close button [].

  7. Now when someone clicks on the Menu item or link to the password-protected page, they will see a box into which they need to type a password.

  8. Once they type the correct password and click the Submit button, they can view the page.