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Create an Online Signup Page

With Website Builder and our SignupSolutions product, you can create interactive online signup pages or registration forms for your events to display on your website. When participants fill in these forms and submit them, their information goes into an online database from which our software can import information. For instance, you could create a registration form for your next golf tournament which participants fill in online. This registration information can be imported into Tournament Manager. Registration can be with or without fees. Fees can be collected via emailed invoice or online credit card processing.

  1. From within Website Builder, make sure you have the "Menu" tab selected (rather than the Pages tab).

  1. From the Menu menu click on the "ADD a new menu item" icon [].

  2. Select the "Online Signup" page in the Program Tools folder by highlighting/selecting it (click once with left mouse button) and then clicking on the Next button [].

  3. You will arrive at one of the following two forms: Form A, if you have no previous signup pages, and Form B, if you have previously created at least one signup page.

    Form A

    Form B

  1. If you have at least one signup page previously created, you can use it (skip to Step 11) or create a new signup page. If you have no signup pages previously created, then your one choice is to create a new one. In either case, to create a new signup page, click on the Create New Signup button []. A new window (perhaps with a different browser setup a new tab) will open.

  2. Next select a starting template for creating your new signup page. When you use one of your previous signup pages as the starting template, you will be modifying a copy of your previous signup page and will not overwrite the previous signup page. Select from a generic template or previous signup pages you have created and then click the Next button [].

  3. Fill in the Settings form as completely as you can. Click on the Save & Close button [].

  4. You will now arrive at the Design Signup Page tab of SignupSolutions. For further design and modification of your signup page, please see the SignupSolutions help.

  5. Close the Internet Explorer window (or tab) that has the above SignupSolutions page displayed.

  6. You should now be back at the images shown in Form A or Form B above in Step 4. Click on the Refresh Signup Page List button []. The list of signup pages will now include your latest creation.

  7. Highlight the Signup Page that you want to add to your website and click on the Add Selected Signup button [].

  8. Fill in the Page Properties form for your selected signup page. Click the Save & Close button [].

  9. Your signup page is now on your website navigation menu.

Signup with Credit Card Processing

If your event has a fee for participants, there are two ways to collect them with Website Builder's SignupSolutions feature: 1) you can send an automatic email invoice when a participant registers using your online registration form, or 2) you can accept payment online with credit cards. You can use one or the other of these method or both in any given event. It is up to you. To accept credit card payments, you must first sign up for a free PayPal Business account, if you do not currently have one. Please see the Accept Credit Card Payment topic in the SignupSolutions help.