Move Website Designer Pages to Website Builder

There may be times when you want to move some of your old Website Designer pages to Website Builder. There are two pathways to accomplish this. There is not a backup (from Website Designer) and restore (to Website Builder).

Using Copy and Paste to Move Website Designer Pages to Website Builder

If the pages that you want to transfer are Reports or Views from your programs (LM, HS and TM), then use the Editor as shown below.

A simple way to move content from Website Designer pages to Website Builder pages - and this would work best with content that is text in nature - is to open your (Website Designer web address) website in one window and your (Website Builder web address) website in a second window. Create pages in Website Builder to correspond with the pages in Website Designer and copy and paste.

Using the Editor to Move Website Designer Pages to Website Builder

Run your golf application (Handicap System, League Manager or Tournament Manager).

  1. Go to Setup menu and select "Website Setup."

  2. Switch from Website Designer to Website Builder within your program (LM, HS or TM) and click OK button.

  3. Go to the Editor menu and select Run Editor.

  4. In the Editor go to the File menu and select Open.

  5. From the "Open report, view or sheet" window, select a Report or View you want to upload to Website Builder and click on the Open button.

  6. To upload this opened Report or View to Website Builder, go to Internet menu in the Editor and select "Save current document for display on website."

  7. Now your Report or View is available on the Pages tab of Website Builder.

  8. Look inside the folder for the program (HS, LM or TM) from which the Editor was opened.